APGN開幕式表演 這次APGN大會一直要做到不一樣。國際會議當然要有最大共通性的語言,但在地的語言也同樣需要受到重視,Bob Brown給很多人激勵,我的發言方式,外國友人也覺得有趣,還有評常用台語的人覺得更有信心,當然以後要更加學習英語等等。晚上和日本綠黨幾個縣議員共進晚餐,談到我說的原住民及語言問題,大家覺得很有趣,幸好拔尚來跟我們同桌,方便傳達一些原住民的狀況。



剛剛Bob Brown,澳洲綠黨的領袖,使用較多數人方便溝通的英語,希望語言不會阻礙亞太綠人的合作,我們會用相近的地球心跳來溝通。

Good morning everyone, I am Pan Han-Shen the convener of the Green Party Taiwan . I will like to start off by addressing you using hoklo Taiwanese  which was taught by my mother. This is because I am afraid the language will disappear like my father’s language Pazih. My grandfather had never spoken to us using Pazih before and this makes me sometimes think that I might forget who my ancestors are.

Like Mr. Bob Brown from Australia, most people choose to converse in English as it an international language and I hope that language will not be the barrier that affects the cooperation of the Greens from Aaia Pacific region, instead we can use the heart that we care for the world to communicate.

Hopefully, through this meeting, with the help of many volunteer, we can communicate and help and share the green future equally.


The first Green Party  start in 1970s, in Tasmania, Australia, and the first national wide Green Party start in New Zealand and in the 1990s countries like Mongolia, Taiwan and other countries also founded their Green Party . 

In the recent times, the members from our  Aaia Pacific region have all show good results and those who have not gotten a seat in the group are getting influential. Even with facing business-government collusion problems, we hope in the next 5 or 10 years, there will be a Greens delegate in parliament in every  Asia Pacific country.


In 2001, the first world wide meeting of Global Greens in Canberra, Australia, people of Greens based on the 6 core value of the Greens .We decided the creation of the APGN network one year before. 

In 2005, the day before the Kyoto Protocol  entry into force  , our first APGN congress was held in Kyoto, and participants all take part in planting green seeds. Now, 5 years from 2005, we should see if these seeds had sprout, especially with the current poor environment situation over the world in last few years. These 3 days we shall be using an open space environment for our meeting and share the world. We shall share our experiences and brainstorm new ways and methods, together we draw a battle plan for the next 5 years, so that we can let these new sprouts become trees.


We will like to strive to make this place a “beautiful island” Let joy sound again just like when Portuguese first saw the beauty of Taiwan and proclaim this place “Formosa” 

Finally, I like to welcome all to Naluwan, this is how we Indigenous peoples of Taiwan say this is my home.

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